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    From philo@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jul 17 19:40:54 2019
    Got two radios repaired yesterday, now working on a Crosley 124 that I
    worked on a few years ago. All it needed then was new filter caps.

    Almost zero audio output.

    Pair of 47's in the final audio

    I have a speaker with audio transformer I can put across the output
    stage to confirm it's not a speaker or audio transformer problem

    voice coil is good and has voltage on it.

    If I put my test speaker to the input stage of the 47's I get a moderate
    audio signal so I know it's the last stage.

    One of the 47's tests low emission on my tube tester but works ok in
    another radio. Also tried different tubes.

    A bit stumped for now as there really isn't that much more to test in
    the output stage.

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  • From Philip Kassner@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jul 19 15:17:59 2019
    Not sure if you guys have Google Groups filtered but that's all I have on my phone.

    The output stage is grounded by a 220 ohm wire resistor.
    It's open and when I put a resistor in there...the radio now works!

    Were it not for the schematic I probably never would have thought to check it.

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