• Broken Bayonet bulb socket

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    I have an antique tube type radio (FM tuner) from 1947. It's a
    "Pilotuner" model 601. It has a #47 bulb for the dial light. The socket
    is one of the kinds that you squeeze the sides and it clamps into the
    front dial plate. The bulb is a bayonet type, so there is a spring below
    the bulb base.

    Of all the years I've worked on old tube gear, I never had this happen.
    I removed the bulb and the wire fell out the rear of the socket. I'm
    sure finding a replacement socket wont be easy, so I'm trying to repair
    this broken one. From what I see, that wire is soldered into the center
    of the insulated piece below the bulb. (I think???). But getting a
    soldering iron into that small hole along with a solder sucker to remove
    the old solder seems to be a big challenge. Not to mention how much heat
    that tiny insulated piece can handle. Taking it apart by the spring is
    not an option since they pressed the metal inward and I wont even
    attempt to mess with that.

    Have any of you successfully repaired one of these?
    Any suggestions or tips appreciated.

    If nothing else, I suppose I can epoxy a plain socket to that clamp.

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    That's a great line!

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    ..."I am a river to my people."...
    That's a great line!


    "I am a river to my people."

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