• Rope Bed

    From rfhummerfly@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sun Mar 25 13:46:58 2018
    I just bought a full size rope bed with inserts on the bed posts that are rusted but say EF Gazzam, patented Pittsburg. The rails are round with "key" ends that fit and turn to lot in. The four posts have turned balls that end in vase shaped finials.
    The rails are not as finished as the footboard and headboard. This bed is in Ohio and was in the house when the current owners bought it. Not sure of the wood but guessing walnut. It is dark. Looking for any information. Thanks. R.F.

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  • From onebilld@yahoo.com@21:1/5 to All on Sat May 25 23:54:59 2019
    I just acquired a very old Spanish Colonial rope bed. It is the coolest looking bed I have ever owned. I just love the carved swirl bed posts, as well as the smaller swirled posts in between the main posts. The Gothic/ Moor influence is seen in the kind
    of rounded steeples carved into the front headboard. Just underneath the headboards are the tree like or rounded post that have knobs or pens in them. Folklore has it that the bed dates back almost 600 years. Just after the Moors were forced out of Spain.
    But I'm thinking more like 500 or 400 years at best. Despite the folklore, the previous owners whose ancestors were from Florida can only date their ownership of the bed about a hundred and fifty years. Before that it's only Unwritten folklore. I know
    Spain rule Florida off and on till 1821. My first question is who could I get to determine the age of the bed? My second question is is it okay to clean and then use some non stain oil on the bed? I think if I put just plain oil on the bed it would make
    the wood really pop, so to speak.

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