• Josef Guarnerius Violin - 1733

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    I have a similar violin...redish 2-piece back.
    send me a photo of it, I tell you about it.

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    I'm trying to determine the value of a violin (in prime condition).
    The label inside reads as follows:

    Josef Guarnerius fecit
    Cremonae anno 1733 IHS

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    The Guarnerius violins are as valuable as a Stradivarius violin although a >lot less famous. You can expect to get (at least!) 10000 u$s if is in mint >condition. The real difference in the prices obtained are due to the
    violin history (i.e., one famous violinist possesed it) and its tone. You >should really contact an appraiser from the music division of the big >auction houses (as Sotheby's or Christie's, to get the real value). I hope >this helps. Sincerely, Jean C. Zenklusen

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    Definitely have it appraised... be prepared to pay for this. However,
    the likelihood of having such a violin is unlikely.... it does happen,
    but not often.

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    I have a vintage Violin label says copy of Josef Guarnerius made in Germany. It has a bow of dark wood with abalone ends inlaid with mother of pearl and possibly abalone

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