• info on Annie Benson Muller Annie was my husbands great aunt. I bel

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    On Tuesday, May 30, 1995 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-4, Mary Clancy wrote:
    I collect pictures/lithographs by Annie Benson Muller. I recently
    purchased a reproduction and it had some information about Annie. This
    is the only information I have ever seen.

    "Annie Benson Muller was born in 1879. She is of colonial ancestry and
    has received her entire art training in America. She has taught and
    lectured extensively on the history of art. Her studies of babies in
    water color are her favorite subjects and for those she has attained
    greatest prominence."

    I have ten of her works, titled and signed. I am looking for more information. How many did she do? Where did she live and teach?? Any
    and all information would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you!!!

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