• Old beer bottle, RINGOOT & CO.??????

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    Op woensdag 24 mei 2000 09:00:00 UTC+2 schreef thierry Papion:
    Dear newsgroup members,

    While diving in Bedford Basin, a diving buddy of mine found six Dark
    Amber Lightning stopper embossed bottles all dumped in one area. The
    bottles are quite old

    Full description:

    Size: 9.5 inches height , base 2.5 inches in diameter and pushed inward Applied lip with two depressed hole for the lightning stopper
    Made in a two part mold with seam vanishing before the lip
    Embossed with: J RINGOOT & CO in a semi arc
    Glass color: Dark red Amber
    Lettering size: 3/4 inch in height

    The bottles appear to be pre-1880's. I have no idea on the origin
    (???) The bottles were not turned inside the mold since the seam marks
    can be seen all the way to the bottom of the bottle.

    Does anyone out there seen this bottle or have it in their collection?

    Any info on this find is welcome.


    Thierry G. Papion
    Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Hello, The bottel is belgium, Brussel.
    Also found the same bottel of german dumps off the first world war.
    So 1914/18 area.
    grt piet

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  • From pauladriaenssens@hotmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sat Oct 6 09:24:19 2018
    Hello Thierry

    This afternoon I dug up a bottle in my back garden labeled "J Ringoot & C° Cassem Anvers" in acid etch. Anvers is Antwerp in French, Ringoot is a rather rare Flemish name. (That the bottle was labeled in French at the time is not surprising, as French
    had a ring of aristocracy.)
    The house was built in 1924, if that means anything for the bottle ...
    No idea about the "Cassem" though. It's a family name, not too Flemish sounding.
    Can I send you a pic?

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