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    From Albert Van den Bosch@21:1/5 to All on Sun Mar 29 02:57:09 2020
    LATEST news

    2020 MARCH 29th
    working out a Crowd Funding Company for Cards and other printed Ephemera

    Albert Van den Bosch asks for international participation
    - in an internet platform covering ALL ephemera Lithography on printed cards bewteen 1840 to 1920 ….
    - like a Collectors Club, with an online Magazine giving and sharing information on all related matters

    Browsing will be free to all collectors with interest and they can consult FREE all catalogues and articles

    I will in coming months EXPAND with a Crowdfunding and therefor :
    We I will insist asking, those who consults regulary my websites, to every-one, to reward me with a one-time donation : Paypal to Albert.van.den.bosch@Skynet.be :
    - 10$ as thank-you to maintain my websites during last 30 years … at this moment that is www.collectomania.be thematic site and www.chromo.be the catalogue-Liebig-and_tradecards_website
    - if donating 20$ you will have your name & email & and collecting interest in a consultable register,then mention in the Paypal payment eventual Nickname if you don’t want your real name labeled, at this moment that is done at

    Those who want now, at this moment, to participate in the real Crowd funding by Paypalling investing sums, donate any amount they whish. Those sums can be used to buy shares OR also can be used later, when we start selling advertising on the site
    for instance. Your investing amount will give you 50% discount wherever it is used , for a (my)lifetime on all published regular prices of the Company. Those investors, will have the right, from the beginning, as members the board.
    Also I will personally guaranty these members to be favorised in all coming actions.

    Some ideas :
    - if you have a business : 100$ you will get your business in a geological register with you address and 10 lines of text+a photo ….this will also be the case for those deciding to put their collection-catalogues online on our side.
    - there will be no printed versions of anything, all will work with acces online. We could decide in future : allow you printing our monthly newsmagazine
    - you can yourself start a collectors fair or a shop with using OUR logo and get help & we can work out almost any Club you want to start in your region ... with "internet conference facilities" with Skype or Zoom using a Franchise-system ( to be
    develloped) . I will have to work out the possibilities with ALL other will-be-shareholders … you are such a participant if you choose for your 100$ participation.
    - info pages on all Expositions, bourses, collector fairs, a worldwide calendar, newsmagazin online , messages, video and Publicity articles, tradecard and postcards club, catalogues ALL online ... imagine the impact of an app for a geo map collectors
    route in all countries with stops at : collector shops and malls, collector-evening-club-meetings, markets, collector fairs, museums & addresses from collectors collecting same as you
    - Real big changes in policy ... the Catalogue-site https://www.chromo.be will remain FREE to use
    - Only English : there will be no more translations, just use Google Translations yourself
    - I will need, some helpers in my region to workout all this. Sure need help also in Awtwerp with eventual software developing and a real adminstration . In the beginning ... all such helpers will be rewarded with payment in shares ( that part
    will be deliberated, but we cannot put dates on this : on a certain moment you can buy shares .. and all this wil be discussed in the meetings)
    I have a 60 years expertise on the whole collecting world.
    - Many friends worldwide will expand this project. We will have to choose who can really participate on shares and how that can be managed. This will not be a Club ... I want a real Community span in a Company
    - ……so I see the future also for the real-international-working units as working with Franchise-share-holders

    - To be one of my share holders without any money to invest … then you can be working share-holders-member : I will need in each country or region ……… club organisators , we can do the administration , software person, alegal advisor ... etc ....
    So then make the 20$ donation. So then you are inscribed and have the advantage to be known. I will ONLY collectors to be admitted. So if you want to participate then FIRST make the Paypal paylment ( I can send a Paypal invitation) .. send me a
    mail describing your thoughts, feelings + CV +name & address and collector field, send to : Albert.van.den.bosch@skynet.be

    These were some rough ideas, ------------------------
    All this are just plans and will have to be worked with fysical helpers-share-holders … all above can be changed … particular the share-holders-part, that must first be legalised and will take a long time. But I want you to start immediately with
    participating, to follow up with the newsletter regarding this.

    you are sure to want to participate too and live far from me, just pay a one-time-life-contribution 20$ at my Paypal acount it will in any case a good investment, you get fure 50% discounts and there are some rewards, you are a member, incribed in the
    register that can be consulted worldwide for your collecting interests


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