• 1919 Gillette Canteen Hot Water Bottle

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    1919 Gillette Canteen Hot Water Bottle
    https://youtu.be/V162hrkPl6E … More Pictures
    Price $45.00
    Be Sure to See the Pictures I Posted on YouTube For Any Flaws

    1919 Gillette Canteen Hot Water Bottle, it reads "The… 1919," below that it reads "Gillette, metal, patented May 9, 1911." This great old piece is in great shape for it's age. There are No Cracks or Splits. It has a few minor dings, but No Large Dents
    or Scratches. Each side of the water bottle over the years has become indented because at one time it carried water and has probably been empty for a very long time. The water inside the canteen would hold the pressure so that the sides don't indent
    towards the inside. Somewhat like a submarine full of pressure, when you take away the pressure which the water provided, the canteen has nothing to hold the outside metal from sloping inwards. If it were full of water for all these years you wouldn't
    have the indentations, this should be easily repaired.

    The plating has seen better times, as you can see in the pictures but this is not pitting in the metal, just normal wear to the plating. The chain holding the cover is original. The cap fits tightly and screws on easily. As far as I can tell the canteen
    does not leak. The cap has a date of 1908 on it also the names of some countries.
    The bottle measures 8 1/2" in diam. 9 1/2" if you include the neck and approximately 2 inches thick, Including the top and weighs approximately 1 1/2 pounds. Everything about this beautiful collectible item screams, "Buy Me", you may never see another,
    they are Very Few and Far between. If you're a collector of Gillette memorabilia this is something that you will love. It's just the right thing for a collection of Gillette items. If you're not a collector, it makes a magnificent showpiece.

    This great piece has been left as found, I don't have the machinery to buff the entire canteen, you may want to send it out and have it re-plated or as some of the antique buffs say, "when you Replate this item it would lose its original value." I don't
    know if that's true or not so you're going to have to decide for yourself. Please be sure to look closely at all the pictures also see the pictures I have posted on YouTube.

    Price $45.00
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    Louis Gillette was a cousin or brother or nephew of King Gillette but he patented and owned the company that made these bottles. From the book, The Complete Gillette Collector's Handbook by Phillip L. Krumholz: Louis F. Gillette of Concord, New
    Hampshire, was issued patent #991,844 for his "therapeutic bottle". Louis, went seeking funds to start up his firm. In time, he was able to secure a building at 22 Bridge Street in the same city, and production began under the name of the Gillette
    Manufacturing Company. He even used a logo similar to the Gillette Safety Razor diamond and arrow, and this was permitted by company officials. It was decided (probably with the help of King Gillette) that this was a "Gillette" logo, not necessarily
    confined to the Gillette Safety Razor Company. (Years later, King's son would also use the diamond and arrow on fruit crate labels.) Louis Gillette continued to produce his metal water bottles, and moved the firm in 1919 to 9 School Street. A year later,
    the firm moved once more to 1 Odd Fellows Avenue. By 1932, Louis had retired and the company no longer existed. He died about 1935.

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