From Anonymous@21:1/5 to All on Sat Jun 10 09:10:04 2017
    That is right.

    Nicholas T. Dreisbach, aka

    Nicholas Dreisbach, aka

    Nick Dreisbach

    is a known, repeat offender
    date rapist.

    Do NOT allow yourself to be
    vulnerable to this known
    sexual predator, Nicholas Dreisbach.

    Do NOT go on any kind of date,
    bar hopping, or nightclub visits
    with this known date rapist,
    Nick Dreisbach.

    Do NOT hire Nicholas T. Dreisbach
    for any job, because this thug
    has a history of harassing,
    menacing, and abusing his female
    coworkers. Nicholas T. Dreisbach
    is a sexual harassment lawsuit
    just waiting to happen. Especially
    when the plaintiff shows the court
    that you had this information, via
    this public post.

    For some reason, a few young women
    have interacted with Nick Dreisbach
    and let their guard down.

    Then, Nick Dreisbach sexually
    assaulted them.

    That is because Nicholas T. Dreisbach
    is a known date rapist.

    Nicholas Dreisbach is also an
    ongoing abuser in so called

    For example, Nicholas Dreisbach
    is obsessed with watching online
    pornogaphy, and attempting to
    coerce his so called girlfriend
    Nicole Anderson into degrading
    acts. She is too afraid to leave
    him, due to his criminal threats
    and violence.

    Hopefully, Nicole Anderson will
    be helped by her parents, Garry
    and Glenys, to get away from this
    known predator, Nicholas Dreisbach.

    Nicholas Dreisbach is a known
    sex offender.

    Nicholas Dreisbach has a long history
    of date rape, and other crimes, due
    to his hatred of women.

    Nicholas T. Dreisbach is originally from
    Seattle, Washington, USA, where he
    already has a criminal record, from
    being arrested for criminal harassment
    and making threats of violence against
    a victim there.

    Nicholas T. Dreisbach apparantly failed
    to disclose his criminal record to
    the New Zealand Immigration Service,
    when applying for a student visa.

    Nicholas Dreisbach currently resides
    in Palmerston North, New Zealand,
    where he is a student at Massey

    Nicholas Dreisbach has behaved in an
    openly menacing manner towards other
    students and staff at the University.

    Nicholas Dreisbach has also attempted
    to steal chloroform from a University

    If you know Nick Dreisbach, you
    should ask him what he thought he
    planned to do with that chloroform
    that he tried to steal. Considering
    his history as a date rapist, and
    criminal record of threatening
    other violent crime.

    A reference to part of his criminal



    A reference to his current victim,
    whom he has apparantly already assaulted


    And her parents, who already worried



    And, of course, please tell Nick Dreisbach
    what you think about the fact that he is
    a known date rapist, and criminal thug


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