• [News] Macs effectively have three year warranty in Australia & New Zea

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    This is in today's news from MacRumors.com ...

    Macs Effectively Now Have a Three-Year Warranty
    in Australia and New Zealand Under Consumer Law
    If you bought and own a Mac in Australia or New Zealand,
    your computer effectively now has warranty coverage for
    up to three years from its original date of purchase,
    even without purchasing optional AppleCare+ coverage.

    Apple will now offer warranty coverage on most Mac parts
    for up to 24 months after its limited one-year warranty
    period, under consumer law in each country, according to
    an internal document distributed to Apple Stores and
    Apple Authorized Service Providers and later obtained by

    Apple is complying with Australia and New Zealand laws
    that give consumers the right to ask for a repair or
    replacement free of charge if a product experiences
    failure within a "reasonable" amount of time after

    Mac owners can inquire about service under Australian and
    New Zealand consumer law at an Apple Store or Apple
    Authorized Service Provider, but we can't guarantee that
    every employee will be knowledgable about this policy.
    The 36-month coverage period for Macs is effective from
    today - that's December 13, 2017.

    Eligible parts include the display, battery, SSD or hard
    drive, RAM, logic boards, GPU, internal cables, power
    supply, and other electronic components, so virtually
    every aspect of a Mac is covered, according to the

    Apple provides a summary of consumer law, its limited
    one-year warranty, and its optional AppleCare+ coverage on
    its website in Australia and New Zealand.


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