• Linux: Case-Insensitive File/Directory Names

    From Lawrence D'Oliveiro@21:1/5 to All on Mon Mar 18 01:26:55 2024
    Did you know that the Linux ext4 filesystem has the option for
    case-insensitive file/directory names?

    First of all, ensure your kernel was built with the “CONFIG_UNICODE=y” option. Then, you have to enable this option at filesystem creation
    time, by specifying an “encoding” setting, e.g.

    mkfs -t ext4 -E encoding=utf8 «block-device»

    Next, you mount the volume as normal, but there is no difference in behaviour--yet. You must enable case-insensitivity on the directories
    on that volume where you want it (before putting anything in those directories):

    chattr +F «dirname»

    This attribute is propagated by default when subdirectories are
    created in that directory, so if you want to enable it for the whole
    volume, you can set it on the root directory of the volume while it is
    still empty.

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