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    snugglebunnynz@gmail.com wrote:
    does any 1 know what this means.

    i do not have the antivirus program mentioned.

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    This message has been processed by Symantec AntiVirus.

    52310637.doc was infected with the malicious virus W97M.Downloader and has >been deleted because the file cannot be cleaned.

    For more information on antivirus tips and technology, visit >http://www.symantec.com/
    I have cross posted this to nz.comp which is the appropriate newsgroup for computer matters in New Zealand. Please reply ony to that newsgroup (delete reference to nz.general).
    You have received this from somone that uses Symantec AntiVirus, it appears that the message they sent you was infected. The message does not refer to your computer, only to theirs.
    Do you know the sender? if you do you should warn them that they may be infected by a virus and should get that checked. If you do not know them then delete the message and any others you get from them.

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