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    However if Usenet was to become a major component of internet-based discussion again, I am sure the regulators would try to focus on it and
    its content. An issue is that the underlying infrastructure of
    establishing new and discontinued newsgroups seems to have gone. For example, I recall that the nz.* newsgroups were administered by Simon
    Lyall on behalf of the NZ Computer Society (now 'IT Professionals NZ').
    Simon used to post newsgroup charter documentation in each newsgroup
    (showed why the ng was created and the intended subject matter etc)
    along with any proposals for a new ng. This has long gone, and if
    Usenet regained popularity it would need to be re-established.

    Yes the number of Usenet groups we have in the nz.* hierarchy is way more
    than is needed now and (ideally) in need of restructure. While it might be
    nice to have them (from an historical point of view) to be able to tidy
    things up and remove many of the long since inactive groups, would be a
    good thing IMHO.

    To do this requires access to signed cryptographic keys that may still be
    under Simon's control given the control records point back to a domain he
    still holds.

    It probably wouldn't be overly hard to get some of the charter docs
    updated etc. Looks like he last posted it on 4 May 2007.

    I may do a bit of homework on all of this.

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