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    Rhys Harrison Heave Ho

    Pretty much the entire "justice" profession is either corrupt, inept,
    or simply hypocritical and stupid. They let known criminals go with
    little more than a slap on the wrist with a wet paper towel, they run
    prisons like holiday camps (complete with luxury TVs and underfloor
    heating), they "defend" people who are 100% guilty, ...

    The "justice" system in Western countries is simply a pathetic joke run
    by the "Politically Correct" imbeciles. "Awww, poor little Johnny
    killed 10 people because he had a 'bad childhood'. He should be allowed
    to go to the 'naughty corner' for five minutes to think about what he
    has done, then let loose on the world again." And then they wonder why
    he and his mates do it again. Morons! :-\

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    Please keep the political sewer out of nz.comp.

    Followup to nz.politics

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