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    Beginning Visual Basic 6 Objects $50
    by Peter Wright
    Paperback - 477 pages (December 1998)
    Wrox Press Inc; ISBN: 186100172X ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.31 x 9.29 x

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    Avg. Customer Review: <Picture: 5 out of 5 stars>
    Number of Reviews: 9

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    Peter Wright's Beginning Visual Basic 6 Objects takes the beginning or intermediate VB programmer into the world of object-oriented development in this easy-to-understand book. Early chapters cover the basics of objects
    and modeling real-world problems. Then the text teaches you how to build custom ActiveX components using Visual Basic. (Actual coding comes only
    after a thorough discussion of the principles of object-oriented design.) Throughout this text, screen shots and effective examples are used to illustrate key concepts, including how to use the new VB Visual Modeler
    tool. Anyone making the leap to objects using Visual Basic will certainly benefit from this well-organized and clearly written text. --Richard Dragan

    Book Description
    This book is for Visual Basic programmers who have a grasp of the fundamentals of Visual Basic and want to learn how to do object-oriented development. This book is ideal for aspiring programmers with intermediate ability who wish to tackle ideas that are more complex.

    Explaining why object-oriented programming is so important today, Wright leads the reader into the realm of actual development by using real-world examples to demonstrate the sort of problems that programmers come up
    against every day.

    From the Publisher
    This book deals with objects and object-oriented development with Visual Basic 6. It explains why object-oriented programming is so important today and how its use can simplify the development process as a whole. It leads
    the reader into the realm of actual development by using real-world
    examples to demonstrate the sort of problems that programmers come up
    against everyday.

    About the Author
    Peter Wright has been working with Visual Basic and Windows since their inception back in the mists of time. Currently Peter works as the managing director and leading light of Psynet Interactive, a multimedia software
    house specializing in the development of leading edge systems for using
    tools such as Delphi, C++, of course Visual Basic. At the moment he is engaged in the development of a strategy game for windows 95 and various leading consoles, as well as the development of the third version of
    Psynet's best selling Internet front-end, Hamster. Peter is also a regular speaker at Visual Basic development conferences around the world, and contributes to the UK computer press on a regular basis.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Customer Comments
    Average Customer Review: <Picture: 5 out of 5 stars> Number of Reviews: 9

    sodapop@netside.net from Hallandale, Florida , April 20, 1999 <Picture: 5
    out of 5 stars>
    I read this book cover to cover and feel that it was worth every minute
    that I spent on it! Working out the examples gave me a clearer
    understanding. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in investing his or her time wisely.

    trout@smart.net from Maryland USA , April 9, 1999 <Picture: 5 out of 5
    Another winner
    I recently finished Beginning VB6 and found myself wanting to know more
    about OOP and using objects. I seen the positive reviews for this follow-up book and decide to get a copy.

    Although I am still in the first half of the book, I can tell that it is going to be very helpful. I sometimes think Mr Wright spends a little to
    much ink on being "cute" but over all he provides enjoyable and concise
    text that is correct and clearly explains the subject content.

    I am totally impressed with WROX, the publisher. I have read many books
    from QUE, SAMS, Microsoft Press and others. Although they provide CD's, the information is too frequently incorrect or only serves to distract from the subject. Mr Wright does a great job of covering the subject and the code works as advertised. (The WROX site also offers ftp downloads of all the
    code in the books.)

    If you want to get into the nitty gritty of objects and OOP, get this book and get it from Amazon. I saved $10 on this book alone.

    A reader from Denver, CO , March 19, 1999 <Picture: 5 out of 5 stars>
    Highly recommended for beginning VB OOP study!
    This is a major revision of the VB5 edition of the book: Peter Wright has rewritten two chapters to clarify them, and added several more to extend
    the explanation of the design process and how to turn design into code, as well as delve more into inheritance under VB.

    These changes make this the best introductory book on Visual Basic Objects currently on the market. Wright's style is easy to read, his sense of humor apparent, and he has good grasp of his material and covers it well. The topics are appropriate for a book at this level, although, like most
    popular textbooks today, they are sometimes covered too simplistically (the chapter on Active X components comes to mind as does the discussion of interface inheritance).

    Beginning Visual Basic 6 Objects will serve as a spring board for those who want to go on to more advanced books such as Lhotka's Visual Basic 6
    Business Objects. I highly recommend it for anyone wanted to learn OOP
    under VB.

    A reader from Seattle, WA USA , March 15, 1999 <Picture: 3 out of 5 stars> Well, it's ok - maybe 2nd edition will be better
    I thought the book was a bit uneven - some chapters very clear with good examples, others were not as well written. A lot of bad jokes that
    detracted at times from the message. Overall, a fair overview and initial examination of an O-O approach to programming in VB.

    Shenhao Hsu (kevinhsu@fitel.net.tw) from Taiwan , February 23, 1999
    <Picture: 5 out of 5 stars>
    It's almost perfect.
    This book is well organized. Every thing comes out orderly and logically.
    The author elaborates every OOP concept with tangible examples and compares the procedural programming with OOP in detail. Even the appendices are helpful. The only drawback I can find is the author does not mention about what VB 6 environment can provide to make components easily. It's really helpful for me as a VB 6 objects beginner.

    A reader from USA , February 8, 1999 <Picture: 5 out of 5 stars>
    Excellent Book!!!
    This book leads the programmer in developing applications the object
    oriented way, right from the beginning of the book. The author cites step
    by step examples to implement them. If you want to program in VB6 using object oriented techniques, go buy this book.

    A reader from Chicago, IL , December 2, 1998 <Picture: 5 out of 5 stars> This book is a must-have for all VB developers
    I haven't seen such an informative computer book in a very long time. This book covers not only the how-to's of Object Oriented programming, but the Why's as well. The sections on design methods are invaluable and rarely
    found in most books.

    The book does assume you know VB, and isn't code-heavy except where it is needed. The authors style is informative, very entertaining. He explains complex programming concepts in an easy to understand way, without dumbing
    it down. I reccomend this book to any VB developer interested in OO Programming. I learned more from this book then several others combined!

    easttom@redriverok.com from Durant Oklahoma , November 13, 1998 <Picture: 5 out of 5 stars>
    This is a must have book!.
    This book covered object orientation in a very effective manner. To begin with the writting style is outstanding. It reads more like a novel than a technical manual. Then the author spends the first two chapters explaining the concepts of object orientation in very down to earth terms. Chapter
    three explains something that is too often overlooked: WHY you need object oriented programming. The rest of the book gives very detailed yet easy to follow descriptions and instructions on object orientation. The author is clearly an expert on this topic. The only weakness I could identify was
    that the book did not have a CD-ROM with source code.

    Adrian W Kingsley-Hughes(awkh@dolwar.demon.co.uk) from UK , October 2, 1998 <Picture: 5 out of 5 stars>
    Beginning Visual Basic 6 is a fast track to learning VB 6
    Beginning Visual Basic 6 is a fast track to learning VB 6. Using plenty of examples and screenshots, Peter Wright takes the beginner through
    everything they need to know about VB 6, from creating simple applications through to ActiveX controls and ADO database tools.

    Each section has 'Try It Out' examples and questions and worked solutions
    for each chapter to reinforce the lessons learned in the chapters.

    This book is ideal for anyone wishing to write Windows programs in Visual Basic 6, whether they be absolute beginners or already fluent in another programming language.

    I realize this group is very old. I wanted to ask if anyone has the code samples from the book that were offered when the book was released.


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