• MOLLIE MURDER Mollie Tibbetts, 20, died after being 'stabbed multiple t

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    The student was allegedly abducted and killed by an illegal
    immigrant in Brooklyn, Iowa, last month

    A COLLEGE student, 20, who went missing while out on a jog died
    after being "stabbed multiple times", an autopsy report says.

    Mollie Tibbetts was allegedly abducted and killed by an illegal
    immigrant in Brooklyn, Iowa, last month.

    Cops have revealed the tragic final moments of 20-year-old
    Mollie Tibbetts, who is alleged to have been killed by a Mexican
    Cops have revealed the tragic final moments of 20-year-old
    Mollie Tibbetts, who is alleged to have been killed by a Mexican

    Authorities announced that preliminary autopsy results from the
    state medical examiner's office show she was the victim of a
    homicide who died from "multiple sharp force injuries."

    State medical examiner Dennis Klein declined to comment on the
    details of her injuries, and said that his office would hire
    consultants to analyse her remains further.

    The man charged with first-degree murder in Tibbetts' death,
    Cristhian Bahena Rivera, allegedly led investigators to her body
    early Tuesday in a cornfield.

    While investigators were confident then that the body was that
    of the University of Iowa psychology major, the autopsy
    definitively confirmed her identity.

    What we know so far...

    Mollie Tibbetts, 20, was out running on July 18 when she
    disappeared, triggering a huge search in Brooklyn, Iowa
    Five weeks later, Cristhian Bahena Rivera, an illegal Mexican
    immigrant named, was arrested and charged with her murder
    Police found Rivera, 24, through CCTV which showed a Chevy
    Malibu connected to him driving around where Mollie was jogging
    He later told police that he got out of the car and starting
    running alongside Mollie, who threatened to call the cops
    Rivera, who later led police to where he dumped her in a corn
    field, said he blacked out, then came to as he was dragging her
    body out of the trunk
    An autopsy found Mollie died of 'multiple sharp force injuries'
    Republican lawmakers and Donald Trump have used the attack to
    push their anti-immigration agenda ahead of the mid-terms in the

    Cristhian Bahena Rivera, 24, terrorised other girls in the town
    of Brooklyn, Iowa, before murdering Molly Tibbett's, locals say
    Prosecutors allege that Rivera abducted Tibbetts while she was
    out for an evening run in Brooklyn on July 18, killed her and
    disposed of her body in the secluded location.

    A criminal complaint alleges that Rivera confessed during a
    lengthy interrogation to following Tibbetts in his car, getting
    out on foot and chasing after her.

    Rivera told investigators that he panicked after Tibbetts
    threatened to call police on her phone, he blacked out and later
    came to when he was unloading her bloody body from the trunk of
    a car, it says.

    Rivera worked for the last four years at a dairy farm a few
    miles from where Tibbetts was last seen.

    He and Tibbetts have no known connections other than that Rivera
    allegedly told investigators that he saw her running previously.

    Investigators zeroed in on him as the suspect after obtaining
    footage from surveillance cameras showing a vehicle connected to
    him circling the area of Tibbetts' running route.

    Earlier this week, investigators said they were uncertain how
    Tibbetts was killed or whether she was sexually assaulted.
    They've made no mention of recovering a knife or other weapon
    linked to the death.

    Rivera, a native of Mexico who is suspected of being in the US
    illegally, made his initial court appearance Wednesday and is
    being jailed on a $5million (3.9million) cash-only bond.

    He faces life in prison without the possibility of parole if

    Within hours of the arrest, President Donald Trump seized on the
    news that Rivera was allegedly in the country illegally to call
    for stricter immigration laws.

    And in an interview that aired Thursday, he said on "Fox &
    Friends" that Tibbetts was a "beautiful young girl" killed by a
    "horrible person that came in from Mexico, illegally here."

    Trump has claimed that people living in the US illegally often
    commit crimes, but studies by social scientists and the
    libertarian Cato Institute reject that assertion.

    The studies show that states with higher shares of people living
    in the country illegally have lower violent crime rates.

    The president also said the suspect was "found by" agents from
    Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, an agency that some
    liberals have called for abolishing because of tactics they view
    as overly harsh.

    An ICE spokesman said Thursday that its agents worked with state
    and local investigators in "identifying, locating and
    interviewing the suspect."

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/7089457/mollie-tibbetts-dead- stabbed-multiple-times/

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