• Farm that hired illegal alien Cristhian Rivera, Mollie Tibbetts' killer

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    The Mexican national accused of murdering college student Mollie
    Tibbetts in Iowa last month lived in the United States illegally
    for several years -- and worked for a farm that used Social
    Security Administration data in part to vet potential employees,
    according to officials there.

    However, Yarrabee Farms co-owner and manager Dane Lang clarified
    Wednesday afternoon that the farm did not use a federal E-Verify
    check on suspect Cristhian Rivera, despite the company's claim
    earlier in the day that it did.

    Lang said Rivera provided a state-issued photo identification
    and social security card. “We learned that our employee was not
    who he said he is.”

    Jackie Ibanez has the latest details on the case.
    Rivera, 24, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder
    Tuesday after the body of Tibbetts, a 20-year-old University of
    Iowa student, was discovered in a cornfield about 12 miles
    southeast of Brooklyn, where she was last seen running. Police
    said Rivera was in the country illegally and an immigration
    detainer was placed on him after his arrest.

    Yarrabee Farms told reporters Rivera worked at the farm for four

    Lang said earlier that all documents regarding Rivera’s
    employment have been turned over to authorities. Yarrabee Farms
    is owned by the family of Craig Lang, the former president of
    the Iowa Farm Bureau and a former GOP primary candidate to be
    Iowa's Secretary of Agriculture.

    United States Citizenship and Immigration Services told Fox
    News: "A search of records by USCIS revealed Rivera did not make
    any DACA requests nor were any grants given. We have found no
    record in our systems indicating he has any lawful immigration
    status." DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, was
    instituted during the Obama administration and allows some
    immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children to remain
    in the country.

    Investigators have said he arrived to the U.S. illegally from
    Mexico at some point between 4 and 7 years ago.

    Cristhian Rivera is charged with murder of 20-year-old Iowa
    student Mollie Tibbetts.
    A search of Iowa court records revealed no prior criminal
    history for Rivera, and it's unclear whether he'd ever been
    subject to prior deportation proceedings.

    Identity fraud is the most common way illegal immigrants and
    "unscrupulous employers" try to thwart the system, said Jessica
    Vaughan, the director of policy studies for the Center for
    Immigration Studies.

    While the details regarding how Rivera may have gamed the system
    remain unclear, Vaughan said many of the cases prosecuted in the
    past have seen an illegal immigrant simply purchase fraudulent

    “There have been cases of inmates selling their identities
    because they are incarcerated and don’t need them,” she said.

    In one Massachusetts case, a hiring manager actually had an
    agreement with an identity vendor across the street who would
    help any illegal immigrant receive an identity that would pass
    muster, Vaughan said.

    “They would send them across the street and tell them to come
    back later,” she said.

    Rivera’s arrival to the U.S. as a teenager has also raised
    questions about if he may have been a so-called “Dreamer,” who
    may have qualified for the Obama administration's Deferred
    Action for Childhood Arrivals.

    Vaughan, however, said it is unlikely because to qualify for
    DACA, an illegal immigrant child must have lived in the U.S. for
    at least five years before 2012. If Rivera arrived in 2011 – the
    earliest officials believed he could have crossed the border
    from Mexico – he would not have fit the criteria.

    USCIS officials have not confirmed any possible DACA status for

    “There are a lot of layers to peel off,” Vaughan said.

    http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/08/22/mollie-tibbetts-murder- suspect-illegal-immigrant-cristhian-rivera-allegedly-passed-e- verify-system.html

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