• Re: Moderation backlog

    From Adam H. Kerman@21:1/5 to Tristan Miller on Fri Oct 8 19:21:27 2021
    Tristan Miller <tmiller@big-8.org> wrote:

    Dear all,

    The moderators of this group were recently alerted to the fact that >submissions have not been appearing. Unfortunately, it seems that the >moderation system had been holding but not informing us about new
    submissions since January 2021.

    We have just approved six submissions to this group dating back to
    January 2021. Unfortunately, the "Date" header of these articles makes
    it appear as though they were all posted today. Please bear this in mind
    when reading or replying to these articles. (In some cases the actual >submission date is found in the "NNTP-Posting-Date" header.)

    We apologize for the inconvenience and are working on resolving the
    issue with the moderation system.

    Tristan Miller
    news.groups.proposal co-moderator

    Jason and Tristan:

    If the moderation's team isn't regularly checking that the
    proto-moderation system is working correctly, you are making your own
    argument as to why moderated proposal discussion is a bad idea.

    It's long past time to drop news.groups.proposals and direct that RFD
    followups all be made to news.groups. Rmgroup this unwanted newsgroup.

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