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    From master limon@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jul 29 17:13:12 2018
    Hello sir i am a helpless person,I am a Bangladeshi citizen,But now I'm in a country called Bahrain, here's a little job,My dream was a lot but my dreams were not met because of poverty,I am in my family, and my parents, and I have four more brothers and
    sisters,So I ask you for help if you support me,I have a lot of trouble enemies around us,But if I had money today, I would have fought against the enemies,Because happiness in the world is worth nothing except money, no one has the power,My dream is
    that I want to stay happy with my family,I want a small house,Now I want to do a little business that needs a lot of money, 
    Sir you can help me if you want,Because your help a maybe changed my life is my dream my future,Please do not skip my words,
    Because we are here because we want help,And you've got a lot of trouble from Google on your email address,,,If Sir can help me please send me a message in this mail ... #masterlimon@coolsite.net / masterlimon966@gmail.com

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