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    Diabetes Talk show India - 5 Hidden Diabetes Symptoms

    Surprising hidden Diabetes Symptoms - you may not even know about them. Diabetes starts silently & the symptoms are often easy to overlook. One-third of all adults have Diabetes and don’t even realize they have it.
    5 Surprising symptoms of Diabetes are:-
    • Loud snoring during the night or daytime sleepiness - Because of the discontinued breathing our body releases stress hormones at night & this causing a spike in blood sugar levels you should check your sugar levels.
    • Unpleasant skin changes:- If you notice dark blemishes on the folds of your skin, usually on the elbows, joints or the back of the neck you need to see a doctor & test your blood sugar level because you could be suffering from Diabetes
    • Impaired hearing :- Diabetes damages the blood vessels & the inner ear nerves, which results in impaired hearing. In the individuals where the blood sugar is raised, the risk of facing some hearing issues is 30% higher than the individuals with
    normal and healthy sugar levels.
    • Unrelenting Itchiness :-This is also one of the hidden symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes can cause poor circulation & lead to skin dryness and itchiness.
    • Excessive THIRST
    Diabetes is a very serious illness, so early Detection is the key to save Lives.
    Diabetes Par Charcha as an public awareness initiative with support of best endocrinologists of India intends to incessantly spread awareness about the early diagnosis, right care and treatment, prevention of further diabetic complications for healthy
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