• RFD: moderated soc.religion.asatru (replace moderator or remove)

    From Doug Freyburger@21:1/5 to Doug Freyburger on Thu Nov 19 14:58:13 2015
    Doug Freyburger wrote:

    moderated group soc.religion.asatru (change moderator or remove)

    It's no longer worth it to me to load a newsreader in a computer so this is posted through Google Groups.

    No on-group responses to several annual requests for replacement moderators.

    One e-mail offer to take up moderation if there has been any on topic traffic. There has not been any on topic traffic.

    I will no longer check the moderation queue for the group, nor will the other surviving members of the moderation team. One team member is now in Valhalla without internet access.

    If the Big-8 Board wishes to post a control message deleting the group, please feel free to do so.

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