• Practical experiences of demoderating a moderated group

    From Rayner Lucas@21:1/5 to All on Sat Feb 24 15:30:48 2024
    Hi all,

    I've started a discussion in news.admin.moderation asking about people's practical experiences with changing an existing newsgroup from moderated
    to unmoderated.

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    It would be especially good to hear from anyone who was involved with a
    group that underwent demoderation, such as soc.culture.galiza in 2006,
    or comp.society and comp.soft-sys.business.sap in 2004 (as well as any
    other instances that I haven't found). This includes people who used
    such groups, as well as those who proposed and implemented the change.

    (I would have crossposted the original article, but n.a.m is, reasonably enough, set up to reject crossposts, and so posting a heads-up here
    seems like the next best way of handling things)


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