• Re: 2nd RFD: Remove rec.radio.broadcasting - LAST CALL FOR COMMENTS

    From Tristan Miller@21:1/5 to Tristan Miller on Fri Feb 9 17:17:29 2024
    Dear all,

    On 2024-01-15 14:00, Tristan Miller wrote:
    This is a formal Request for Discussion (RFD) to remove the moderated newsgroup rec.radio.broadcasting.

    The Big-8 Management Board plans to begin voting on this proposal
    after five days.  Please offer any final discussion or comments before
    the end of this waiting period.  Voting may take up to one week (7
    days); a result will be posted following the end of the voting period.

    Following this LCC, the Board received an e-mail from someone
    volunteering to take over as moderator for the group. Voting on the
    proposal to remove the group has been put on hold pending further
    discussion with the volunteer.


    Usenet Big-8 Management Board

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