• Re: 2nd RFD: Charter/moderation policy change, news.groups.proposals

    From Spiros Bousbouras@21:1/5 to Paul W. Schleck on Wed Jun 22 08:00:38 2022
    On Mon, 20 Jun 2022 11:27:48 CST
    pschleck@panix.com (Paul W. Schleck) wrote:
    This thread has been awfully quiet, with few replies. In particular,
    those who had the strongest opinions about moving back to news.groups
    are currently absent in this discussion. If the Board acted on comments
    so far, it would appear to favor the status quo of retaining news.groups.proposals.

    I don't wish to overspeculate, but possible explanations for this

    - Some may feel that they have already sufficiently commented on this
    matter in the past, and it is the Board's responsibility to gather up
    all posts on this subject from the deep and noisy past article
    history of news.groups, even if they are ambiguous, contradictory,
    and/or not clear if they are the individuals' current opinions on
    this matter, or even opinions that would be applicable to the
    specific context of this current RFD. This could lead to accusations
    of, "That's not my current opinion," or, "You took my remarks out of
    context," or possibly even, "I was playing devil's advocate."

    - Some may not want to give the Board, and the RFD, legitimacy by
    participating in this process, especially if they feel that the Board
    is likely to make a "wrong" decision.

    - Conversely, advocating for change, then getting that change, may
    undermine a commenter's ability to criticize the Board for their
    actions in the future.

    - Some may feel that it doesn't matter, either because they believe
    that Usenet is "dead," or that their opinions will not be fairly

    Or perhaps even:

    - Some actually want the Board to make a "wrong" decision, to set them
    up for future criticism.

    None of the above for me. I have been reading carefully all the posts in
    the thread and I simply don't have an opinion on the issue. I also don't
    have experience with moderation software so I don't know how hard it is
    to write from scratch or enhance preexisting software or maintain it.

    I most certainly do not feel that usenet is dead and , with the various complaints that much more popular but centralised online discussion fora have led to censorship , I believe that usenet may even have a bright future.

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  • From Plain Text@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jun 23 15:23:38 2022
    On Mon, 13 Jun 2022 09:37:05 EDT, Usenet Big-8 Management Board wrote:

    moderated group news.groups.proposals

    This is a formal Request For Discussion (RFD) to suspend the charter and moderation policy of the Usenet newsgroup news.groups.proposals.

    I support the proposal.

    Although news.groups receives spam, I'm able to identify messages where I
    would want to follow the discussion.

    Generally, I favour a reduction of newsgroups, as I think there are many
    groups with hardly any traffic, e. g. comp.infosystems.www.*


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