• 1st RFD: misc.writing.screenplays.moderated (remove)

    From lk1rkp@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Mon Aug 10 02:23:29 2015
    Please do NOT try to revive Misc.Writing.Screenplays.Moderated!

    1. People who want to discuss screenwriting on Usenet have a number of viable options, including the unmoderated Misc.Writing.Screenplays.

    2. SEVERAL discussions were held, both on Usenet and on Facebook, about continuing to use Misc.Writing.Screenplays.Moderated. These discussions took place over the course of two or three YEARS. All parties were heard -- some, several times. Respect and
    due consideration were given to all. In the end, people voted with their feet (actually, their fingers) and moved to Facebook.

    3. Keeping a braindead group on life support just so somebody can practice being a moderator is not in the charter for this, or any group that I know of. It doesn't make sense.

    My involvement with Misc.Writing.Screenplays.Moderated goes back to its formation. I was one of the all-time top posters of the group in its heyday. I am currently one of the top posters on the Facebook version. I'm asking you to show respect for the
    process that has been followed by the people who care the most about this group. Please just let it go.

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