• Usenet peering

    From Neodome Admin@21:1/5 to All on Sun Aug 11 17:28:17 2019

    I'm looking for peers. My server is running INN with cleanfeed and I do not carry articles bigger than 64 KB. I don't filter incoming feeds, so I do
    carry some binaries, but since I have article size limit, it's much smaller subset of it.

    I submit stats to Top 1000 daily. My current peers are:

    Full feed:
    - erje.net
    - uzoreto.com
    - usenet.farm

    Text only:
    - i2pn.org
    - tnetconsulting.net
    - weretis.net
    - etla.org
    - individual.net
    - xmission.com
    - mixmin.net
    - neva.ru
    - nk.ca (outgoing only, I don't receive anything from them)

    Current static IP for all addresses is Contact address is <admin@neodome.net>, abuse desk address is <abuse@neodome.net>.

    My requests:
    - 8 connections max
    - articles less than 65536 bytes
    - receive feed from news-out.neodome.net
    - send feed to news-in.neodome.net
    - path identifier is "news.neodome.net"
    - newsfeed config similar to this:


    I filter outgoing feeds. Let me know if you wish to receive filtered or unfiltered feed.

    Thank you.


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