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    From Adam H. Kerman@21:1/5 to Ivo Gandolfo on Sat Sep 2 14:58:00 2023
    Ivo Gandolfo <usenet@bofh.team> wrote:

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    Long answer: My politics have always been "almost" the same as the
    philosophy that led Tim Skirvin to create free.*.

    Uh, Skirv had engaged Hipcrime, who among other things, was complaining
    that alt.* had restrictions, an absurd complaint.

    News administrators were starting to deplay spam countermeasures...
    against Hipcrime and later, the Hipclones. Skirv just said that News administrators would be discouraged from using countermeasures against
    articles in free.* as long as they weren't crossposted.

    Skirv thought this was a brilliant idea that would somehow discourage Hipcrime's continuing attacks upon Usenet.

    Of course it couldn't have worked.

    It wasn't a "philosophy" but an act of desperation. It failed to
    achieve any stated goal of getting Hipclone to stop attacking Usenet.

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