• Hostname Change news.dns-netz.com

    From Timo@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jan 2 12:34:21 2022
    Hello admins,

    A successful and healthy year 2022 to all of you.

    There will be a big change in my server though,
    because I have to take the domain dns-netz.com offline in mid-2022

    The domain dns-netz.com is often confused with a German internet access provider (DNSnet). As a result, I get many of emails that do not relate
    to my project.

    Since these emails are increasing and I want to prevent possible legal problems, the domain will be deleted.

    Therefore, the server news.dns-netz.com will be listed under the
    following host name from January 31, 2022:

    Path IN / OUT: news.freedyn.de

    For this change, I set up an additional server to simplify the change in peering. All peering partners will receive a separate email from me.
    Please give me a short feedback there.

    Best Regards,

    Newsmaster of news.nntp4.net and news.freedyn.de
    Contact: newsmaster@nntp4.net / newsmaster@freedyn.de
    Abuse: abuse@nntp4.net / abuse@freedyn.de

    The nntp4.net and freedyn.de services are private and non-commercial
    You can find the data protection declaration here: https://www.freedyn.de/datenschutz.php

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  • From Larry@21:1/5 to Timo on Sun Jan 9 15:16:17 2022
    Timo <me@freedyn.invalid> wrote:

    Path IN / OUT: news.freedyn.de

    Not sure what is going on, but your news server is propagating ancient
    posts to your peers. Some are accepting these ancient posts, while
    others are not.

    Something is going wrong, that's causing your new news server to
    resurrect many ancient posts. Please correct this problem.

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