• setting filters (cleanfeed)

    From jdanield@21:1/5 to All on Wed Dec 22 10:06:11 2021

    I have some questions about news filtering with cleanfeed.

    When installing INN, the "filter" folder was filled with sample scripts.
    In that config, ctlinnd mode said "Perl filtering enabled".

    now, with cleanfeed I was instructed to move the default files to a
    backup place and set a link.

    from this moment, ctlinnd mode said "Perl filtering disabled".

    I have:

    filter_nnrpd.pl -> /etc/news/cleanfeed-master/filter_nnrpd.pl

    and there is no filter_innd.pl in the cleanfeed archive

    I also noticed the folder "filter" is/was owned by root. For convenience
    I changed the ownership from root:root to news:news, this allowed me to
    link the pl file from news

    any hint welcome :-)


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