• Yay, Altopia is dead ... maybe

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    VanguardLH <V@nguard.LH> wrote:

    Altopia says they died; see: https://www.altopia.com/. Well, that's
    what they claim. They say they turned off their servers on March 1,
    2020. Yet I still see posts that appear to have been peered through
    them (not sourced by them) for articles up to April 17. Over a month
    and a half of their proclaimed shutdown, alt.net is still appearing in
    the PATH header. They allowed their posters to lie regarding the
    injection node. Not a huge surprise they're still peering over a month
    and a half despite their professed shutdown.

    I think netnews.com took over Altopia peering. Apparently it’s a new commercial binary Usenet provider which is currently in testing. I expect alt.net to point to netnews.com once they decide to go to production. If
    you look at the Path header, you’ll see that in recent articles alt.net is always surrounded by netnews.com addresses. I suppose those who used to
    peer with alt.net will be able to say more if they are not under NDA.

    Lately netnews.com increased their peering very significantly. Currently
    they are number 1 in the world according to Top1000. Alt.net also jumped
    from being number 50 to being number 4. It does not really mean much,
    except that you can be sure that they’re passing a lot of articles between big peers participating in Top1000.


    I assume it’s a good thing, even for text-only part of Usenet.


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