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    "Sir Gregory Hall, Esq." <greghall@yacht_master.fake> wrote:
    On Mon, 14 Nov 2016 12:37:05 +1000, BBB [r0]DoW #14 <r0llinThru@none.invalid> wrote:


    keep it up gweggles an' yew earn yerself a +900 kill on >><greghall@home.fake> which shall then force ewe to
    morph... an' we(tinw) carn't have yew doing THAT
    now,, can we(tinw) :-----D

    yer messy C&P in MOE is far from what is required.

    Don't read headers too well, my boy?

    in accepting your seniority in years I do not concede mine eyes nor
    hand(s) are as dim in performance as yorn.
    you are aware there is no other NSP for yew away from that which
    rips six bucks a month from your pension.. hey?

    Maybe the big earthquake in NZ has you addled and rattled?

    issat your way of request for one geography tute?
    here ya go....
    fHeh.. Cairns/Christchurch --- both start with the
    alpha "C" ..... an' there it ends :-D

    Dizum forger fooled ya.

    ya reckon :->

    But, then again a fool fools easily.

    well let's jes see if _that_ holds true among peers, notably those
    well familiar with your 'work'?

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    Subject: Re: I'll be posting a bit less in the immediate future...
    Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2016 18:10:15 -0500
    Organization: Overqualified for MENSA
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    letdown follows:

    References: <nfsh2c9pcdq3n6uqqoen6lu76ii5g1kbqs@4ax.com>

    now how would such a faux par be engineered... hmmmm..? <8->

    nap + nanau added for reading of

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