• INN2 artcutoff (was: Re: Old articles)

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    Jesse Rehmer a tapoté :

    The administrator of news.corradoroberto.it was using suck, pulling from my server and those articles made their way back out through other peers of news.corradoroberto.it who accepted the old articles. The injection-bsd1 node is only in a handful of articles on my server, so it likely won't do you much good to filter based on that.

    Yes, nothing found in innreport today!

    News administrators should have a proper article cutoff set on the servers which they peer with others. If only the administrator of news.corradoroberto.it made the mistake originally it would not have leaked beyond.

    Yes good advice but sometimes the newsmaster has to modify "artcutoff"
    in inn.conf and forget changing it after...

    Maybe reporting the value of "artcutoff" in log and INNReport
    would be a nice thing.

    Sorry for my bad English

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