• How does immigration scam work?

    From Andreas Kohlbach@21:1/5 to All on Sat Aug 13 23:01:10 2022
    Got a scam earlier today in French, saying my application for Canadian citizenship was approved (I of course never sent one). Then citing what
    jobs are needed and also that if I have no passport they will provide one
    (just like that? ;-). It came with the drop box
    infos.recrutement@europe.com (yeah, Immigration Canada uses a @europe.com address ;-) and the likely valid phone number 581 203 2807. Interestingly
    is 581 an area code of Quebec-City. Is the scammer really there? Spam was
    sent via Gmail.

    How does immigration scam work? After sending the things they need (copy
    of passport and other IDs) they might use the data for identity theft and before ask for a fee to process the application?


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