• Spammer becoming a better person?

    From Andreas Kohlbach@21:1/5 to All on Mon Apr 11 23:54:15 2022
    Just received this from an abuse desk after a Spamcop complaint to a "Canadian pharmacy" spammer:

    | Hi, Sorry about that. The client running this instance has been
    | contacted and an abuse response process is active. If the client does
    | not respond with a satisfactory explanation and golden promises of
    | being a better person we will automatically block and shut down this
    | service. S/he has time until 2022-04-11 11:11:11.292684 to respond.

    So hopefully the account is down by now, although being a pill spammer he
    won't bother, having plenty more.

    I found the timestamp funny (it wasn't "11:11:11.292684" in the mail; I
    altered it for privacy reasons). Wondering what the ISP does if the
    spammer promised so be a better person at 11:11:11.292684 + 1 micro
    second. Suppose the account is going to /dev/null too. *g*

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