• colocenter.nl complaint addresses

    From Sam@21:1/5 to All on Sun May 16 09:05:27 2021
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    serverion.com is a spam hosting service provider on whose routes are advertised by colocenter.nl:

    8 100ge0-35.core2.dus1.he.net ( 39 msec 17 msec 18 msec
    9 100ge5-2.core1.ams1.he.net ( 17 msec
    he.as58291.net ( 17 msec 18 msec
    10 as58291.as213035.net ( 17 msec 18 msec 21 msec
    11 salope.prospectdirect.org.uk ( 18 msec 18 msec 18 msec

    % Abuse contact for ' -' is 'abuse@colocenter.nl'

    inetnum: -
    netname: NL-COLOCENTER

    and also netrouting.com:

    traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets

    17 ( 139.659 ms 136.684 ms 138.010 ms
    18 te-2-200.er1.thg1.ip4.as47869.net ( 137.443 ms 136.313
    ms 140.316 ms
    19 salope.prospectdirect.org.uk ( 139.353 ms 139.881 ms 137.524 ms

    inetnum: -
    netname: NL-NETROUTING
    descr: Netrouting Cloud Services - Join The Cloud
    country: NL

    However, this particular post addresses the proper complaint procedures for colocenter.nl. Their deliverable E-mail addresses are as follows:

    To: abuse@colocenter.nl, info@colocenter.nl, support@colocenter.nl

    However note that colocenter.nl is quick to block frequent reports of spam
    that they are routing. At this point, the most reliable way to forward all copies of spam, from their routed IP addresses, back to colocenter.nl is as follows:

    A) Colocenter actually uses a spam filtering engine that uses third party
    lists of spam domains. Which includes domains that they provider IP routing from. Therefore, all spam URLs should be redacted from copies of colocenter.nl-originated spam that's getting forwarded back to colocenter.nl

    B) Put your E-mail address in the readable portion of the return address,
    and specify an empty machine-readable address:

    From: "serverion.com Spam Forwarding Service <postmaster@email-scan.com>" <>

    C) Use a matching MAIL FROM:<> to send copies of spam from Colocenter-routed
    IP address space, back to Colocenter.

    D) Colocenter's MX has a "bug" that won't accept multiple recipients with a MAIL FROM:<>, therefore it becomes necessary to send your spam complaint one address at a time.

    Following these four easy steps will assure that all relevant parties at colocenter.nl will properly receive all copies of all spam originating from their routed IP address space.


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