• AT&T ends email spam [4/1 victory ;-)]

    From Andrzej Adam Filip@21:1/5 to Scott Dorsey on Thu Apr 1 23:40:53 2021
    kludge@panix.com (Scott Dorsey) wrote:
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    On 2021-04-01 3:13 p.m., Vint Surf wrote:
    April 1 2021, Stanford, California

    AT&T today received patent 15358978 for an auto-responder
    which effectively stops spammers in their tracks.
    Efftard Donglemeier, group leader of the 1300 person
    anti-spam and abuse team, spoke to reporters Thursday.


    Good try posted on April 1 2021 April fools day.
    Didn't work but good try...

    The thing is, it was really no crazier than many of the announcements
    from major ISPs.

    On any other day I would say it is sad :-)

    A. Filip

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