• ReadySTUMP Hosting Down for the Count

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    Word from one of the administrators of one of the moderation submission
    relays is that Igor Chudov's hosting of a turnkey installed platform of
    Secure Team-Based Usenet Moderation Program (STUMP) is now down and not accepting e-mail.


    Igor wrote one of the few truly useful Usenet newsgroup moderation
    software packages that could be shared and installed by others. His
    hosting service made it turnkey, but the price charged, $360/year, was
    probably too much in the present-day, with much cheaper access options elsewhere. One can even download STUMP and install it on their own host
    (albeit a 1999 version). Unix shell ISP providers like Panix.com charge
    less than a third of that for an account that accommodates
    moderators. STUMP hosting may have gone away, possibly for good, but the
    STUMP software is still in use for many newsgroups.

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