• Rnews failure

    From Roy@21:1/5 to All on Sat Jul 3 02:04:24 2021

    I have STUMP running on a CENTOS 7 system. I recently approved a
    posting and it did not appear on the USENET server

    Checking the logs turned up this message

    kernel: rnews[19670]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f5b323e3e68 sp
    00007fff835383e8 error 4 in libc-2.17.so[7f5b322a5000+1c4000]

    I had updated CENTOS to latest version 7 the day before. That included
    glib 2.17-324.el7_9

    I recompiled rnews but it didn't help

    I finally downgraded glibc like this

    yum downgrade glibc\*

    which loaded glib 2.17-323.el7_9

    That seems to have solved the problem


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    * Origin: fsxNet Usenet Gateway (21:1/5)