• Updating Firefox Farce

    From Michael@21:1/5 to All on Sun Feb 14 17:41:31 2021
    This morning I tried to update a Windows 32bit edition of Firefox that
    was last updated prior to 13Th January. I checked help/about and was
    expecting an "update to" message but nothing was shown. This I later
    realised was because I had no money for that internet connection !

    Unawares I went to another Windows 7 machine and downloaded the full
    offline installer from the Mozilla site where the options are shown in
    drop down menus at right of page. I downloaded the file but when I ran
    it through Virustotal I was asked to upload the file for checking. The indicator got to 100% and then got stuck apparently with no further
    progress. Not to be outdone I ran the file through Kaspersky which I
    stopped when over 3000 files had supposedly been checked.

    Beginning to get annoyed I went to the Firefox "ftp" site and downloaded
    the file from there. I re ran it through Kaspersky which found a lot
    less files in the installer. How many files should the offline installer roughly containe?

    I then transferred the file to USB and installed it on my first machine
    where I was having problems and everything appears OK. Why do you think Virustotal got stuck at 100% upload and why would by antivirus show
    several thousand files in the Firefox installer ?

    For people thinking I am stupid to continue using Windows 7 ,these
    machines are not yet ready for the dump. I also don't do anything like banking,shopping or anything requesting an email address or password
    with these machines and do not share the USB sticks with my Windows 10
    machines which also use a different method of connecting to the Internet.


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