• Can not shrink or hide image-save window in Firefox. Full-size only.

    From slate_leeper@21:1/5 to All on Fri May 14 14:16:24 2021
    Version 87.0

    My Firefox "Save Image As" window that you get when you press Right-mouse-button then V while the mouse indicator is over an image,
    does not have shrink or hide controls - full size is the only option.

    It used to work until today when I accidently made the screen full
    size. When full sized, the icons for the hide and shrink functions
    disappeared. An arrow does appear at the edges when I move the mouse
    there, but it does nothing when you add the mouse button to activate
    and try to move the edge.

    I did try restarting Firefox, but it now seems stuck on this.

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