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    From Bret Busby@21:1/5 to Chris Ilias on Mon Mar 29 06:23:31 2021
    On 29/3/21 4:36 am, Chris Ilias wrote:
    On 2021-03-28 4:21 p.m., Bret Busby wrote:
    On 29/3/21 3:58 am, Chris Ilias wrote:
    On 2021-03-28 3:48 p.m., Bret Busby wrote:
    Please advise how many subscribers this list has.

    Thank you in anticipation.

    Hi Bret,
    I'm not that number would be useful. The large majority of posts here
    are via NNTP, not the mailing list.
    There are also duplicate members (with more than one address), and
    people would subscribe solely for archiving.

    Why do you want to know the total amount of subscribers?

    When ancestry.com shut down all of its (about 57,000) rootsweb.com
    genealogy mailing lists, I, and other list administrators, moved lists
    (started up new lists, and invited our members at rootsweb.com, to
    subscribe to the replacement lists.

    I administer multiple mailing lists at groups.io, now (I used to
    administer somewhere around 20-30 or so, I believe, at rootsweb.com).

    After we transferred our mailing lists to groups.io, (that was about a
    year ago, I think), in the last couple or few months, apparently,
    groups.io imposed a maximum number of subscribers on the free mailing
    lists, to 100.

    If you view the web pages at
    you can see to what I am referring.

    I am willing to start up a replacement list on groups.io, to replace
    this list, as I did with the rootsweb lists (I transferred most of my
    lists, and, took on some new ones, merged others that were
    administered by others, with the other list administrators'
    permission, and, suggested a new merged list, of which I am a
    moderator, that has, I think, around 500 subscribers), if you do not
    object (as you are the list administrator of this list, I believe it
    would be improper for me to start a new replacement list, without your
    permission, unless you explicitly state that you are not interested in
    starting up a new replacement list at groups.io, or elsewhere, yourself).

    But, this household suffered a 150AUD cut to disposable household
    income, due to the coronavirus economic effects, and, I do not want to
    have to pay out money for providing a free service to others.

    groups.io provides for a facility, for donations to be made, for
    paying for a list, I think, but, I have no idea as to how many
    subscribers this list has.

    So, if this list has less than 100 subscribers, I would be willing to
    set up a new replacement mailing list, as I did with the rootsweb
    genealogy mailing lists, and, subscribers to this list, would be free
    to join, if they want.

    Thus do I ask how many subscribers, this list has.

    Hi Bret,
    There are many more than 100 subscribers. However, if you'd like to
    create a replacement, you can post a link here, so long as you make it
    clear that it is not affiliated with Mozilla.


    The new list web page address is

    Please read the group description before subscribing.

    I have enabled the option to allow for the group/mailing list to be
    sponsored, to provide for more than 100 subscribers, should it get that
    many. I would not be concerned with that aspect, until the number of subscribers approaches 100, if it does.

    Subscribers to this mailing list, are invited to visit the above web
    page, and subscribe to the group/mailing list.

    To subscribe to the replacement mailing list, go to the above web page,
    read the group description, and, if you accept that, click on the link
    where it says "Subscribe, which should generate an email message for you
    to send, to subscribe. You should then receive a subscription request confirmation message, for you to send a reply, to confirm your subscription.

    Bret Busby
    UbuntuMATE User and Campaigner
    Clean Energy User and Campaigner
    Human Rights Campaigner
    UBI and Citizens Dividend Campaigner

    West Australia

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  • From Chris Ilias@21:1/5 to Bret Busby on Sun Mar 28 21:26:24 2021
    On 2021-03-28 6:23 p.m., Bret Busby wrote:

    The new list web page address is
    Everyone, please note that the above link is not created by Mozilla. It
    is not maintained by Mozilla, and not affiliated with Mozilla.
    Mailing list/Newsgroup moderator

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