• NEW MODERATOR FOUND: misc.writing.screenplays.moderated

    From Kathy Morgan@21:1/5 to Kathy Morgan on Sun Nov 22 23:27:15 2015
    Kathy Morgan <kmorgan@spamcop.net> wrote:

    You should soon be able to just post normally to the group, but the
    system is not yet working for normal posting.

    If this shows up in the group, it means that that has now been fixed and
    most of you will be able to simply post in the normal fashion.

    There may, however, be some of you using misconfigured news servers that
    don't have the group properly listed as moderated. If that's the case,
    your articles will show up on your server but they won't propagate to
    servers that do show the group as moderated. If it seems that your
    posts are being ignored, that may be a sign that your server is not
    properly configured.

    If your server doesn't have mwsm properly configured as moderated, you
    will be able to see some posts on the server that do not have an
    "Approved: " header when you set your news client to show all headers.
    In that case, you can force your posts to correctly go to the moderatio
    address by sending them via email to <misc-writing-screenplays-moderated@moderators.isc.org>. That, by the
    way, is the canonical form of email address for all moderated groups: group-name-with-dashes-instead-of-dots@moderators.isc.org.

    Kathy, mwsm moderator

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  • From Kathy Morgan@21:1/5 to board@big-8.org on Sun Nov 22 18:09:37 2015
    The Big 8 Management Board <board@big-8.org> wrote:


    The Big-8 Management Board is pleased to announce that Kathy Morgan has volunteered to moderate the newsgroup misc.writing.screen.plays.moderated. The last official moderator, Alan Brooks, has consented to this change in communication with the Big 8 Board on August 22, 2015.

    The new moderator will take over the duties on October 1, 2015.

    I am very sorry about the lengthy delay in getting this newsgroup
    started up again. Finally, though, it is now up and running. At least,
    I think it is. This message will act as a test; if the group is up and running, we'll see this article in the group.

    You should soon be able to just post normally to the group, but the
    system is not yet working for normal posting. Temporarily, until the moderation relays are updated, you can post by submitting your post as
    an email to <misc-writing-screenplays-moderated@robomod.net>. I'm
    guessing that it may take another day or two for the relays to be
    updated. After that, if you don't see your ontopic article in the group
    within 24 hours (and probably much sooner), please email me at <kmorgan@spamcop.net> so we can track down any possible problems in the

    I will be checking for submissions several times a day, but especially
    when first starting up with a new system and addresses there is a
    possibility of submissions being lost. This can happen if one of the moderation relays fails to pick up the new address, or spam filters
    mistakenly catch a proper submission. So by all means, if you think
    your submission should have made it into the group and you don't see it, contact me directly.

    Kathy Morgan
    New moderator

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