• Trucker drives non-stop across US coast to coast with the help of cryst

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    A drug-addled truck driver made the marathon journey from
    Seattle to Massachusetts non-stop while binging on crystal meth,
    LSD and cocaine. Gary Robbins was arrested near the East Coast
    on Wednesday (29 March).

    Officers believe he had driven from Seattle, on the Pacific
    Coast, across the entire US to Deerfield Massachusetts. He
    allegedly accomplished the feat with the help of crystal meth,
    LSD and cocaine.

    Google maps estimates the journey between Seattle and
    Massachusetts takes either 45 or 47 hours, depending on the
    choice of route. Robbins was delivering raspberry roots to the
    area where he was arrested.

    He was arrested in the parking lot of a convenience store after
    he was noted acting strangely.

    He was seen to lock himself out of the cab of his truck, throw
    his credit cards into the fuel tank and then attempt to climb
    back into the cab through a small hole at its rear.

    "It appeared the driver didn't rest, only used drugs, and he
    drove from Seattle, Washington, to Deerfield, with a destination
    on the East Coast," Deerfield Police officer Adam Sokoloski told
    The Recorder.

    "Officers had quite the struggle to get this truck driver to the
    Baystate Franklin Medical Center."

    Robbins now faces a number of charges for his escapade and has
    been asked to appear at Greenfield District Court.

    http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/trucker-drives-non-stop-across-us-coast- coast-help-crystal-meth-lsd-cocaine-1614506

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