• Log Book rules overlooked especially in CA

    From midiowaheating@yahoo.com@21:1/5 to All on Mon Mar 27 03:41:35 2017
    I had a NE DOT Man actually go by the law on log book's.
    I was behind, he gave me a table and said fill it out and it better be right. It was right and he let me go.
    In CA, they don't care right and wrong, they want your money anyway they can take it.

    395.11 (3) Exception. A driver failing only to
    have possession of a record of duty status
    current on the day of examination
    and the prior day, but has completed
    records of duty status up to that time
    (previous 6 days), will be given the opportunity
    to make the duty status
    record current.

    Maybe they can explain all that money they basically steal from people every day.

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