• Dangerous Air Disk Brake Calipers on the road

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    Just found a bunch of numbers.

    Did you get the dangerous situation fixed?

    Maybe you could start at one of those online petition sites.

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    VENGEANCE is Mine


    Ed Light

    Better World News TV Channel:

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    Thanks, robots.

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    On Sunday, November 27, 2016 at 9:22:14 PM UTC-6, Ed Light wrote:
    Just found a bunch of numbers.

    Did you get the dangerous situation fixed?

    Maybe you could start at one of those online petition sites.

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    VENGEANCE is Mine


    Ed Light

    Better World News TV Channel:

    Send spam to the FTC at
    Thanks, robots.

    "Ed Light" Has to be a Pseudonym

    But Hello Ed Anyway



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    Prestress Hand Stickering

    Hello Miss Sandra Quick


    The "caliper prestress process" effectively coverts the casting of the caliper into the combination of an extrusion and a forging. Toughening the Caliper

    The prestress process is much more important than I previously assumed as the caliper is designed physically much thinner in the webbing than possible without prestressing to fit inside an American style rim.

    With the "invalid (10^6/10^4) duty cycle increase expectation" with faulty prestressing, the caliper is a massive ticking fatal time bomb.

    Bendix is putting a product on the road that has bypassed federally mandated quality & function tests.

    I was the Diagnostics department at Bendix. I was responsible for evaluating failed caliper assemblies for acceptability to be re-run through the assembly line after failure. And determining the causes of the failure.

    Prior to working for Bendix, I was the Maintenance Supervisor for a Fruit Processing Plant covering a complete city Block.

    I was in charge of returning to functionality anything that was electro-mechanical in the Plant.


    Would your lawyers be interested in some contingency work recovering back wages and forcing a recall of every Caliper to come off the Bendix LSW air disk brake assembly line??

    I want all management fired and if their side stepping of quality tests causes a death, I want them in Jail.

    At ADB station 1 carrousel, when a caliper with a "Failed prestress sticker" is place on the carrousel, the QR code scanner fails the caliper.
    No one ever checks to see if the caliper on the carrousel has actually passed prestress. A "passing prestress sticker" is place directly over the top of the FAILED sticker ("by Hand") by a Assembly team member and the bad caliper is sent through the
    line as good out to the customer.

    Assembly line Workers having possession of "Free floating extra passing Prestress Stickers" is a Violation of Safety procedure.

    These Extra Passing stickers would be Stored on a 4 x 6 inch waxed paper blank from a shipping bin sticker inside the station #1 safety cage behind the station control panel, (uncontrolled & within reach of ANY temporary employee).

    The ADB Line lead "Tyler Bryant" would stay on the assembly floor during assembly worker break periods and run extra calipers to empty the line to increase productivity.

    Then, the ADB Live Lead, "Tyler Bryant", would take his Lunch period break leaving the "UN SUPERVIZED Assembly line Team members" to continued to run ADB station #1 carrousel while in possession of "Free floating extra passing Prestress Stickers" for
    35 minutes, completely invalidating the (Carrousel QR CODE Scanner safety net) keeping untested calipers from entering the assembly line & reaching the customer.

    I would catch these "sandwiched failed stickers" in diagnostics .... Yes ?

    No one at ADB station 1 carrousel has ever been told to actually check the caliper in the carousel for a failed prestress sticker because the caliper is Way in the back of the cell in the dark.

    At ADB station 1 carrousel, a faulty assumption that the "sticker is damaged" is being made.

    This makes ALL Bendix calipers made on the ADB LSW line "Suspect" and reason for recall.

    Shop Floor management believes the entire Prestress procedure is a waste of time and unnecessary because Germany does not require or perform the Prestress procedure.
    ADB Line Team leads do not even Understand European Wheel rim interior diameters are Larger allowing a full sized 22 inch rotor and a "full sized caliper" that is (NOT purposefully designed with thinner webbing) requiring Prestress toughening to
    reduce metal fatigue and subsequent Fracturing.

    The Bendix LSW ADB Prestress procedure is a federally mandated NHTSA requirement

    If anyone is killed or injured because of a Bendix caliper failure, there will be jail time for management who conspire to hide bypassing of caliper casting Prestress safety testing procedure.

    Floor management knows printing bulk extra non-assigned passing stickers to place over existing unreadable stickers is a violation of specified safety processes (SOP).

    The proper procedure for miss-read Prestress stickers is know by floor management but never told to line workers because it violates safety procedure. Line workers are told to hide bulk passing stickers out of view, but not why they are hiding the

    Anyone who had worked ADB station 1 carrousel will be able to verify the above as true unless they are coerced and threatened by management. into silence and perjury

    Bendix selling calipers that have purposefully bypassed mandatory safety testing.

    The ADB line is staffed by mostly untrained temp employees with less than a couple months on the job who do not even know or understand the mandated safety processes. A Brand New Temporary Employee off the street with ZERO training can be running ADB
    LSW Station 1 Carrousel manually stickering calipers within 5 minutes of stepping foot on the shop floor, trained by another Temp employee with only 5 minutes of training the day before.

    Every caliper to have ever come off the Bendix LSW line is Un-Safe and should be Recalled

    Bluebird School Bus is a major purchaser of suspect Bendix air disk brake calipers.

    The total count for the day on the Prestress sticker is 999, then resets to 001
    The software was never designed to run 3 shifts of 500 parts for a total daily count of 1500, exceeding 1000.
    While maintenance was figuring out why the count was resetting at 1000 parts, they were having ME take pictures of "every sticker" during the count transitioning 999 back to 001
    I told them the software was never written to run 3 shifts a day and to switch to a hexadecimal count.

    Robert Jozwiak Will be able to Verify ALL of my statements about the Prestress Process as 100 % True and Accurate


    Robert Jozwiak of Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Manager at ARC




    I was fired 12th March 2015 because I Forced plant manger John Andrew Dale to make changes to the Assembly line to remove a (KNOWN dangerous publicly accessible Amputation hazard) directly after the ADB station #4 rework cell, that put (ANY plant
    VISTOR) at risk of Amputation that had remained knowingly unaltered for 4 months.


    Fired for Reporting Amputation Hazard

    I was fired 12th March 2015 because I Forced plant manger John Andrew Dale to make changes to the Assembly line to remove a (KNOWN dangerous publicly accessible Amputation hazard) that put ANY plant VISTOR at risk of Amputation that had remained for 4
    months. https://goo.gl/photos/tHxqD8xoN3dBWgTn6

    Joshua Harris, Bendix Value Stream Leader, will be able to verify my statements about the station #4 Amputation hazard as 100 % true & Accurate https://www.facebook.com/UJosh

    Bendix HR has publicly posted Official Personnel file Publically OnLine. Bendix Corporate IP address will be attached to the posting of my personal information.

    As a result of Bendix posting my information publicly online, I have been receiving public DEATH THREATS and threats of Physical Violence.

    I am in constant fear for my life as a result of Bendix's internet Doxxing actions.

    I am under EXTREME psychological stress which has caused PERMANANT Psychological & Physiologic Damage.





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    Bendix® ADB22XTM-LT Air Disc Brake
    New for the trailer industry, from the North American air disc brake leader. We’ve weighed the benefits carefully.
    The Bendix ADB22X-LT has up to a 23,000-pound brake rating, making it a perfect choice for today’s trailer market. It builds on the success of the ADB22X design, currently on nearly 90% of the air disc brake installations in North America.
    Although the LT is lighter weight, you can count on the same performance and durability you’ve come to expect from Bendix air disc brakes. A new adjuster mechanism and pad extend service life while reducing the risk of dragging brakes. And, when
    maintenance is required, it’s significantly faster than drum brakes.
    Built on a proven, successful platform.
    Both the Bendix ADB22X and the ADB22X-LT air disc brakes share common replacement wear items along with streamlined maintenance, training, and inventory requirements. That means if you’re currently running Bendix ADB22X air disc brakes on your tractors,
    you can keep costs in check even more by choosing ADB22X-LT for your trailers as well.
    Here’s how you’ll benefit:
    • Weight savings – 40 lbs. per tandem axle set over ADB22X
    • Extended service life, lower maintenance costs and downtime
    • A new adjustment mechanism that reduces the risk of brake drag, extending pad life
    • Pads that feature 8% more wearable volume and up to 40% improvement* in wear rate, while meeting the EPA’s 2021 Copper-Free Brake Initiative
    • Shares common replacement wear items with Bendix ADB22X on tractor
    • Same 5-year warranty as ADB22X
    *wear improvement based on wheel-end operating temperature
    Expect exceptional post-sales support.
    Choose the newest ADB with confidence, knowing you’ll be backed by an exceptional support team from Bendix. That includes field-tested sales and service professionals, our ASE-certified field technical support team, and the Bendix Tech Team, available
    on our expert technical support phone line at 1-800-AIR-BRAKE. Plus, you can log on and learn from the best in braking by visiting brake-school.com.
    On the road, you’ll find that Bendix air disc brake service parts are readily available from OEM dealers and an extensive aftermarket parts network, so you’ll have fast and easy access to what you need, when and where you need it.
    To find out more about the advantage of the Bendix ADB22X-LT air disc brake, talk to your Bendix account manager today or call Bendix at 1-800-AIR-BRAKE (1-800-247-2725). Visit foundationbrakes.com for more information.



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    News Release
    For more information, contact:
    Barbara Gould or
    Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC
    (440) 329-9609 barbara.gould@bendix.com
    Ken Kesegich
    Marcus Thomas LLC
    (888) 482-4455 kkesegich@marcusthomasllc.com
    HYUNDAI TRANSLEAD NOW OFFERS BENDIX® ADB22X-LT AIR DISC BRAKE Trailer-Specific Brake Helps Leading Manufacturer
    Deliver Performance and Maintenance Advantages
    ELYRIA, Ohio – June 19, 2017 – Aiming to provide its customers with trailers that combine the performance of air disc brakes with leading-edge weight-saving and maintenance advantages, Hyundai Translead now offers the Bendix® ADB22XTM-LT from Bendix
    Spicer Foundation Brake.
    “The advantages of air disc brakes are well-recognized across the industry, but the trailer market brings a different set of challenges and demands than tractor applications,” said Keith McComsey, director, marketing and customer solutions, Bendix
    Spicer Foundation Brake (BSFB). “The ability of the ADB22X-LT to meet those needs – and deliver dependability to fleets and drivers across North America – reflects our commitment to safety while lowering total cost of ownership.”
    Engineered exclusively for trailers and unveiled in September 2016, the ADB22X-LT advances the design of Bendix’s ADB22XTM, which is spec’d on more than 85 percent of Class 6-8 wheel-ends in North America that are equipped with air disc brakes. The
    ADB22X-LT’s design weighs in at 40 pounds lighter per tandem axle, making it the lightest air disc brake available in the market, and helping deliver increased payload capacity and value in trailer applications that are particularly sensitive to brake
    weight. Lighter weight trailer wheel-ends can also help fleets and drivers improve their overall fuel efficiency and offset the weight of trailer systems used to improve fuel efficiencies, such as aerodynamics.
    Trailer customers who spec the LT will enjoy the same advantages, and more, as ADB22X customers. Like its predecessor, the Bendix ADB22X-LT offers a pad replacement time approximately one-quarter that of foundation drum brakes, once the wheel is removed,


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    Stress and Strain

    The term stress (s) is used to express the loading in terms of force applied to a certain cross-sectional area of an object. From the perspective of loading, stress is the applied force or system of forces that tends to deform a body. From the
    perspective of what is happening within a material, stress is the internal distribution of forces within a body that balance and react to the loads applied to it. The stress distribution may or may not be uniform, depending on the nature of the loading
    condition. For example, a bar loaded in pure tension will essentially have a uniform tensile stress distribution. However, a bar loaded in bending will have a stress distribution that changes with distance perpendicular to the normal axis.

    Simplifying assumptions are often used to represent stress as a vector quantity for many engineering calculations and for material property determination. The word "vector" typically refers to a quantity that has a "magnitude" and a "direction". For
    example, the stress in an axially loaded bar is simply equal to the applied force divided by the bar's cross-sectional area.

    Some common measurements of stress are:
    Psi = lbs/in2 (pounds per square inch)
    ksi or kpsi = kilopounds/in2 (one thousand or 103 pounds per square inch)
    Pa = N/m 2 (Pascals or Newtons per square meter)
    kPa = Kilopascals (one thousand or 103 Newtons per square meter)
    GPa = Gigapascals (one million or 106 Newtons per square meter)
    *Any metric prefix can be added in front of psi or Pa to indicate the multiplication factor

    It must be noted that the stresses in most 2-D or 3-D solids are actually more complex and need be defined more methodically. The internal force acting on a small area of a plane can be resolved into three components: one normal to the plane and two
    parallel to the plane. The normal force component divided by the area gives the normal stress (s), and parallel force components divided by the area give the shear stress (t). These stresses are average stresses as the area is finite, but when the area
    is allowed to approach zero, the stresses become stresses at a point. Since stresses are defined in relation to the plane that passes through the point under consideration, and the number of such planes is infinite, there appear an infinite set of
    stresses at a point. Fortunately, it can be proven that the stresses on any plane can be computed from the stresses on three orthogonal planes passing through the point. As each plane has three stresses, the stress tensor has nine stress components,
    which completely describe the state of stress at a point.

    Strain is the response of a system to an applied stress. When a material is loaded with a force, it produces a stress, which then causes a material to deform. Engineering strain is defined as the amount of deformation in the direction of the applied
    force divided by the initial length of the material. This results in a unitless number, although it is often left in the unsimplified form, such as inches per inch or meters per meter. For example, the strain in a bar that is being stretched in tension
    is the amount of elongation or change in length divided by its original length. As in the case of stress, the strain distribution may or may not be uniform in a complex structural element, depending on the nature of the loading condition.

    If the stress is small, the material may only strain a small amount and the material will return to its original size after the stress is released. This is called elastic deformation, because like elastic it returns to its unstressed state. Elastic
    deformation only occurs in a material when stresses are lower than a critical stress called the yield strength. If a material is loaded beyond it elastic limit, the material will remain in a deformed condition after the load is removed. This is called
    plastic deformation.

    Engineering and True Stress and Strain
    The discussion above focused on engineering stress and strain, which use the fixed, undeformed cross-sectional area in the calculations. True stress and strain measures account for changes in cross-sectional area by using the instantaneous values for the
    area. The engineering stress-strain curve does not give a true indication of the deformation characteristics of a metal because it is based entirely on the original dimensions of the specimen, and these dimensions change continuously during the testing
    used to generate the data.

    Engineering stress and strain data is commonly used because it is easier to generate the data and the tensile properties are adequate for engineering calculations. When considering the stress-strain curves in the next section, however, it should be
    understood that metals and other materials continues to strain-harden until they fracture and the stress required to produce further deformation also increase.

    Stress Concentration
    When an axial load is applied to a piece of material with a uniform cross-section, the norm al stress will be uniformly distributed over the cross-section. However, if a hole is drilled in the material, the stress distribution will no longer be uniform.
    Since the material that has been removed from the hole is no longer available to carry any load, the load must be redistributed over the remaining material. It is not redistributed evenly over the entire remaining cross-sectional area but instead will be
    redistributed in an uneven pattern that is highest at the edges of the hole as shown in the image. This phenomenon is known as stress concentration.

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