• Carrier Delivers Freight to Wrong address

    From bowerk@eou.edu@21:1/5 to All on Fri Sep 9 18:28:57 2016
    Here is the scenario.

    BOL says Consignee name in care of name and address is XYZ
    In the body, there is a note for business (cross dock operation) at XYZ to load and ship on a different truck and deliver to address 123abc.

    Carrier reads in the body of BOL ignores Consignee and address and delivers freight to address 123abc, and their delivery receipt says consignee is 123abc.
    So consignee does not know to refuse the freight until reading the packing slip.

    We have cross docks we ship freight to and consolidate for full truck loads. Carrier bypassed this in Error regardless of what BOL outlined and delivered and charged us for the full leg from origin to 123abc instead of XYZ

    Is there a recourse for this and regulation to cite?

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