• Males Flashing Truckers

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    On Saturday, August 23, 2003 at 7:00:36 PM UTC-4, Truckinsp wrote:
    From: Steve Oakes Steveo1961@yahoo.com

    Well, troll.....what in the world makes you think that truckers would go in for
    being flashed in such a grotesque manner? You seem to have the idea that truckers are sleazes.....I've met a lot of truck drivers and I have met very few that would appreciate what you are doing......

    This has NOTHING AT ALL to do with being gay....nobody CARES if you are gay or
    not....purposely exposing your privates to every trucker you see is what I object to and WOULD LOVE to catch you doing!!! You're no different than the guy in the trenchcoat who flashes people on the sidewalk.......PURE SCUM!!!

    Get a clue and go to some other board.....

    I really tried to be nice to all of your negative replies (read my >previous appends), however you people who replied with the negative, >uneducated replies, are really pompous assholes. You ASSUME (I'm sure
    you know the meaning of this) that I'm a troll. You are wrong! I was >asking a legitimate question and you jumped all over me, due to your >homophobia. Why do people always ASS.U.ME. that a person asking a >DIFFERENT question is a TROLL? By the responses I received, I have come >to the conclusion that truckers are fucking morons! That is the same >stereotype thinking that you guys/gals have of me. I didn't realize
    that so many truckers were so macho, that they would never consider
    being with another man. The truck stops which I have seen, are loaded >with MEN pleasing MEN. I guess that is what deceived me. I hope you >learn to treat people better in the future, than you have treated me. >After all, you will have to pay for your actions someday! We live in a >diverse world, so you better learn to adapt!!!


    tony wrote:
    Your Not As Bad As What I Saw Yesterday Comimg Thur OHIO This Dude Had His >> Shorts To His Knees Flipping His Dick Around ********Yuck *********
    Tits Are Ok ! Dicks Are Not .
    IFI Had My Wife Or Kids With Me He Would've Got 3 Blinks ( If you Know What
    That Means )
    Any Way Another Trucker Put Him In The Middle on Up The Road
    But Later That Evening I Saw Him In Cincy @ The Truckstop Crusing Around >> jumping From Truck To Truck . Sick World Out There I Guess But To Each His >> Own JUST DONT FORCE THE FACT AND FLASH ME Ok ?

    3 Blinks Hehe

    Tony The Trucker

    I know that this is an old post but, if you are as adamant of a guy flashing whatever he flashes then I am assuming you are going to be equally as pissed off when the women pass you and are fingering their vagina or rubbing a tit. Lets face it some
    people gay or bisexual or straight flash drivers, it happens regularly, if you don't like it forget it but to bash openly just because Steve Oakes has a different sexual orientation then you then so be it. Your actions are as equally bad. As for Steve
    Oakes original post. Hi Steve feel free to continue your actions. As a driver you can see alot into your eclipse and if a driver is interested he will let you know. Pull into the next rest area or truck stop and if that driver gave you a wink or the
    thumbs up he is likely to follow you, I know I would.

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  • From Andrew@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jan 19 22:40:44 2017
    Hey Steve and any other exhibitionist who reads this. I am a longtime Flasher of truckers as well and here are a few words of advice I can share with you. No matter what the situation, even if it's flashing, you should be always respectful of others.
    Not everyone is interested in seeing your junk. There are those who are however, and you need to narrow your scope to focus on them. It is with them that you will find the fun you're looking for. Asserting yourself in that way toward disinterested
    parties will only invite trouble. Let the Trucker make the first move. And yes there are quite a few male truckers out there who will let another guy entertain them and please them, I've spent time with many horny drivers who were very excited to see
    me and extremely thankful for my services. Anytime I hit the road to show off and entice truckers I always make sure to have some sort of sign or sticker on my bumper or back window etc. alerting drivers to my interests. It has to be done in a subtle
    and legal way though. For me just having a home made removable bumper sign that reads "GAY BOY" does the trick. I also have one that reads "Honk If You Like Gay Boys" It's perfectly legal to announce your sexual identity in that way. Just don't use
    vulgar terms. Be creative though. When truckers see that, if they have any curiosity at all then they know you may be the one who's attention they should get and they may take the initiative and honk or flash their lights or pump their brakes at you.
    Then the game is on. Go through the regular motions of cat and mouse lane switching and passing and speed matching to see how badly he really wants a good view. once you've established that he is after a good view of you then put on a show by all means.
    Once you've driven alongside him for a few minutes and allowed him to check out your goods then speed up and get in front of him and pump your brake lights if he flashes his lights in response then let him follow you to an off ramp and see if he exits
    with you. Always signal way in advance. Or you can fall in line behind him and flash your lights and if he responds with a brake pumping then you can follow him to wherever he wants to exit. If an exit is still quite a distance away then he may signal
    to you that he wants another showing/viewing till you get closer to a place where the two of you can stop and play. It's very important to remember this though. If while initiating all of this he shows no desire to be part of the game in the first
    place then just keep it in your pants, dude. Remember that these days rest stops, traffic lights, and even interstate routes have a lot of camera surveillance. Be aware at all times that Big Brother may be watching. Familiarize yourself with routes
    that are darker, more deserted and without cameras for putting your meat on display. These are places which allow more freedom for both you and the horny onlooker. Remember too that everyone has a cell phone so a driver can snap your pic. Don't show
    unless you are certain they wanna see. Also wear easy to pull on and off shorts or pants. I always wear athletic shorts in summer and sweats in winter. You can't be driving and trying to deal with tight jeans going up and down or belts being buckled
    and unbuckled. Shirts aren't even necessary most times. If you do get lucky and stop roadside with a trucker then you just have to decide at that moment if you will approach him or have him get out and approach you. I always make sure I remain
    undressed in case he comes to my car window to chat and start things up. Then there's the other option requires more boldness and an area without other people but I like it better sometimes. I get out and walk around near the passenger side of his
    truck and do it while still undressed. It's not necessary really but that always drives them wild because they can't believe I am willing to do that. If I was willing to be free and open in the car then why not roadside. I take my shirt and shorts in
    hand in case I need them. Be sure you try to stay on the passenger side so that you aren't visible on the road if another car happens to go by. I have gone to the drivers side many times but only in very rural uninhabited areas with low to no traffic.
    Now back to the road where all the action began. Where were we? Be sure that your interior lighting is good and if you can let down or remove the roof/top of the car then that's even better. Keep the middle console area clear so the view of you is not
    blocked. You can even adjust your seat to place you in the perfect position or place a towel under you to raise your pelvis and thrust it up and out more. While you are actually exposing yourself keep the masturbating to a minimum. Do that when you
    are driving and no one's looking in order to keep it up but when you're showing it off the hand will just blocks the view. Just spread your legs and let that boner stand up tall and hard and proud. The guy that's watching will enjoy the show more. If
    you must jack it then use your left hand so that your arm is not completely stealing the limelight. The reason I say left hand is because you should be in the left lane allowing him to see you from the right side. just works better that way. Also,
    always have a believable story ready if law enforcement should become involved. If you stick to the proper protocol of flashing truckers and do it in the best areas and only to those who want it then police are very unlikely to invade your exhibition.
    Just know that there are risks with anything you do. Sometimes it's part of the excitement. I've been doing this since I started driving and would come home late at night from my first job at 16 years old. I was always horny and had to take a stretch
    of I-75 every trip and often found myself jacking off. One night I happened to be noticed unintentionally by a guy in a rig and what happened on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere Tennessee was a very good time and the start of some new habits.
    I've perfected the art at this point and It is fun but you must always put safety and consideration of innocent drivers first. Have fun out there, let it all hang out, and enjoy a trucker.

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  • From internettvworkstation@gmail.com@21:1/5 to Steve Oakes on Sat Jul 14 04:17:04 2018
    Yikes! Well, even though Steve's question is almost 15 years old, I'm sure there are other guys doing the same thing and might be curious at the responses. I say forget the short shorts (seriously, are you from the disco era). (Now, in 2018) get a modern
    pair of loose fitting board shorts that you can just open up and go bare. No self respecting guy nowadays is going to be turned on by 70's-tight short shorts on another guy! Unless you were 18ish when you asked the question, Steve!

    On Friday, August 22, 2003 at 5:24:18 PM UTC-7, Steve Oakes wrote:
    I am a bi-male who has recently started wearing really short shorts in
    my sports car with the sunroof open on major highways. It gets me
    REALLY aroused when I pass truckers who I know are looking down at me.
    I drive with only a T-shirt and my really short shorts and no underwear.
    When I pass a trucker I go slow so they can get a good glimpse through
    my sunroof.

    My questions are:
    1) How much can a trucker see inside my Mitsubishi Eclipse through the sunroof?

    2) Is there some "signal" that truckers use, to let me know he is
    interested in meeting me at the next truck stop? (i.e. horn blowing,
    light flashing, speeding up to pass me, etc.)

    3) Is there anything I can do that would better let a trucker know that
    I am interested in some fun once I know they are interested in me?

    4) Are there that a lot of men truckers that are interested in other men?

    Thanks in advance for any responses!

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    I am white guy55 that wants to get with older black truckers that are near New Orleans text me first I have had no luck with finding one wish I could find a older black man or six that wants me to please get my number out (985)265-8573why can't a older
    black man text me now

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  • From deedeejay42@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Mon Apr 22 09:54:53 2019
    "Good Buddy" is what Truckers call us.I drove for 30plus years.B4 I admitted I was BISEXUAL.Be careful some are homophobic.Buy a cb radio and antenna with a magnetic base.Their on channel 19. Good Luck Good Buddy.Muuh

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  • From rnixoncircus@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Mon Feb 10 18:44:04 2020
    I've been on both sides of this. As a truck driver I have to say that many of them look down at every car that passes because you are able to get a good look at the person driving. I've seen guys jacking off and even a couple women. I've also seen guys
    getting head from both men and women. I'm rather well endowed myself and often play with my member when driving a car and you can tell when a trucker likes what he sees cause he will speed up or slow down to stay along side. I've even hooked up when
    doing this and then pulling into a rest area

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    My name is James Evans I am a Cross Dresser
    looking for a good sexual and whatever happens after that happens to me I like it all ways fuck for a couple hours I am a cross dresser and I want to be taken advantage of with anything sexual toys and even by you I also wear a pink lingerie and dark
    pink panties

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    Looking for top must cum more than once

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    Male 55 hung bi top runs northwest Indiana and Michigan. Love to ride across the bumpy road playing with my cock. Also looking for bi male for 3some with 45 year old fuck machine. She loves cock wanting both holes filled. Gets off watching me with
    another man.

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  • From krodg2@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jul 31 22:24:09 2020
    I'm a trucker I've always got off watching guys cum be butt naked stroking. I jest ended up naked behind the wheel

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