• KENWORTH Is it K-whopper or K-wopper? And why?

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    Okay truckers...

    I'm putting you to the test. We've assembled a "truckers talk" glossary
    at cbhandles.com (truckers talk funny, whachathank?)...and we need an explanation for K-whopper or K-wopper. What is the correct spelling and
    why was the name given to Kenworth trucks. And when? And by whom, if
    you know?

    Drop by our site at cbhandles.com and look at the glossary. Bet you can
    help us on other words, phrases, expressions, too. Like what do drivers call Miami (FL), Birmingham, Mobile, Jacksonville, other cities we haven't included.

    (A little note of interest: Ten years ago (Labor Day) TRUCKERS AID was held in
    that big old field 30 miles NE of Dallas. I don't believe it accomplished much, but
    we had a helluva time singing with David Alan Coe and Johnny Paycheck and other
    country artists...and saw some beautiful show trucks. Remember Stagecoach Pete? How many of you attended?)
    It's Whopper . . . as in Whopper, not Wopper . . . It's mot Taliano !

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