• Facts about the BWAS

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    Some common questions a nonmember can have answered about the BWAS:

    Q: What does BWAS stand for?
    A: Batatus Writings of America Society" It has something to do with the writings of a Buddhist Nun. Male servants and outsiders are not allowed

    to know much about their ceremonies and rituals. Sort of like the Free
    Masons only female.

    Q: Who was Batatus?
    A; Batatus was a Buddhist Nun during the cultural revolution in China.
    She spent 11 years as a political prisoner in very bad conditions. She
    went on to help women abused by prison systems around the world. The
    BWAS is dedicated to the elimination of prisons for women and helping
    women who are victims of the system.

    Q; Are male servants required to have short hair?
    A: No, but all the women here are required to have crew cuts or
    shorter. Our male servants are required to follow the directives of
    their female sponsors. They comply with
    her's and our wishes or they are expelled! None of our members have
    shaved or crewed servants. Some of our servants have long flowing hair
    and have been required to cross-dress in women's clothes. Our loyal
    male servants enjoy this treatment as much as we do

    Q: What is it all about?
    A: We are a female dominate group . Our home office and retreat is
    located near Ringtowwn Pa. All our female members are required to sport
    crew cuts.
    After 3 months a member may have a servant. Most servants are male but
    they can be female. Servants and all males are treated as inferiors.
    Members are held responsible for the actions of their servants. We
    cross dress here, our
    members, all female, sport male attire and crew cuts while our servants mostly male dress Fem.

    Q: Dear Jill, Would you please tell me more about your organization. Is
    it hair related and >somehow tied (no pun
    intended) to dominance and submission.? What part of PA >is Ringtown
    located. >I am not into games, but have interest in your postings, if
    they are real. >Sincerely >Wayne. .....................................................................

    . Reply: No Wayne this is not about dominance and submission. It is
    about women learning about how to control their own lives, And not be controlled by
    so called "social norms". mainly style and men. We have virtually tens
    of thousands of men begging to become servants of the BWAS. Of course
    only a few can be selected and some of those will later have the be
    removed mainly
    due to their insubordination. Ringtown is in the most Northern part of Schuylkill County The closest Large towns are
    Frackville,Pottsville,Mahnoy City and Hazelton.

    Q: Why must all men be reduced to servants?
    A:....A statement by Jill BWAS, commander of the Ringtown camp:
    There is no such thing as a female criminal or woman felon. All
    criminal acts committed by women are in some way caused by their relationships with men. So there is no real need for women's prisons
    ,they exist only to keep women in their current place. The real answer
    is to eliminating crime is to reduce the role of men to servants with
    women in complete and total control of our society. Once women are in complete control we will have a safe and orderly society


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