• Three dead in 'murder-suicide' after smart-mouthed Democrat snow shovel

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    Two Biden voters sent to Hell where they belong.

    dispute over shoveling snow turned deadly when a man fatally
    shot his two neighbors before taking his own life in
    Pennsylvania, authorities said.

    Jeffrey Spaide, 47, shot dead his across-the-street neighbors,
    James Goy, 50, and his wife, Lisa, 48, as they were clearing
    snow Monday morning in Plains Township, the Citizen’s Voice

    “Apparently there’s been an ongoing dispute between neighbors,
    some of which involved a dispute about snow disposal and
    removal,” Luzerne County First Assistant District Attorney Sam
    Sanguedolce said.

    “They’re across the street from each other, and when they would
    remove snow they would throw it across the street at the other
    person’s property.”

    After slaughtering the couple, Spaide went back inside his home
    and grabbed an AR-15-style rifle, authorities said.

    “He retrieved the rifle and shot them again,” Plains Township
    police Sgt. Michael Smith told the paper.

    Police said Spaide then went back inside his home and used a
    third rifle to kill himself.

    Prosecutors are investigating their deaths as an apparent murder-

    The gruesome incident came as Winter Storm Orlena pounded the
    East Coast, dumping as much as 30 inches of snow in some regions.

    Meanwhile, an elderly woman froze to death in Pennsylvania after
    she wandered away from home in the storm.

    Patricia A. Becker, 67, who had Alzheimer’s disease, was
    pronounced dead from hypothermia early Monday after being found
    lying on a street about four blocks from her Allentown home, the
    Morning Call reported.

    The two mouthy Democrat cock suckers got what they deserved.

    https://nypost.com/2021/02/05/shooter-in-snow-shoveling-murder- suicide-was-a-navy-veteran/

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